Is it too late?

I know Halloween is over, but I was searching thru some old picture folders and found these. This is the Boy’s very first Halloween. He was all of 60 days old and we dressed him as a pirate. It’s a little hard to see, but he had a tinfoil hook that we attached to one of his socks and slipped it over his left hand. He also had a tinfoil scimitar, tinfoil dubloons, some jewels, a skull and crossbones on his shirt, and a jug of rum. Taking him around to each of the relative’s house was a scream. We all had so much fun. Anyhoo…here he is:



Happy Halloween

Funny thing the Boy said:

Mommy: Did you eat some chips?

the Boy: Yes, and I’m makin’ them into poop right now.

Halloween Festivities:

We took him to the Zoo Boo at Como. It was about 10 billion people’s worth of fun. Actually, it wasn’t that bad and the thing was set up pretty well. We had a good time and both the grammas came, too. the Boy chose his Dragon costume. He had a duck and a dragon and Thomas the Train to choose from.

Here he is trying to huff and puff and blow this house down:

Which one of these is not like the others?:

Dragon? Meet Dragon. :

Hey what’s going on out there?:

What All?

Funny thing the Boy said:

“Mommy, did you cut your hand on a dog?” (referring to my now mostly healed dog bitten hands)


Knitting update:

Yesterday, Monday, was a super fun day for me. I went to Chris’s place to spend a lovely, peaceful afternoon knitting. She knits like the wind!! I finished the heel and got an inch done on the cuff, while she knitted 12 or 13 baby bibs (slight exaggeration). Muchly inspired me to practice up on Continental as soon as I finish Dickinson Pullover. The kitties were so beautiful in person and it was quite nice to see them in their natural habitat. Chaos didn’t appreciate the Aretha Franklin and Rolling Stones ringtones on my cell. I got to see the Mayhem/Goldfish fun, too. Mayhem reminded me so much of my beautiful kitty, Babu. Really made me miss having a cat that likes hanging out with us. We have a cat, he just never wants to hang out upstairs with us. :( Anyhoo, I was a very bad blogger and didn’t bring my camera or anything.

Dickinson Pullover : Front, back and now one sleeve finished. Second sleeve, sewing up, and neckline to do. This project has definitely reached the “when will it all be over stage?” I’ve got about 1.5 inches done on the second sleeve.


Jungle Juggle Socks: Heel turned on first sock. Half way up the cuff. Going slow, but the yarn is a total dream to knit with.


Forest Plains: No progress to report. I still need to skein up the formerly kinky yarn.

Sorry for the crappy knitting pics. It’s evening here, but if I’d waited for the good daylight, I’d never get anything posted.

Knitting night: Held at Cafe Bene in St. Paul and I had a blast. We discussed a group yarn crawl, saying how fun it would be for 10 of us to descend on several different stores just to see their faces. It was even funnier when Theresa suggested we all dress as zombies for the event. So, you know, if you see zombies invading your local yarn store, don’t be afraid. It’s only us. Actually, be afraid. After all, it’s us.

Should I Weep, or Should I Cry?

Last night the Boy was sitting on the couch with me to read books right before bed. He was wearing a diaper only and I asked him if he wanted pajamas so he wouldn’t be cold. He said, “No, I want your shawl.” My shawl = my Clapotis. My beloved silk and wool Clapotis. I let him wear it sometimes, so I got it for him and wrapped it around him while he snuggled up to me on the couch. Cute, huh? Yeah, cute until I realized he meant to take it to bed with him. Down that road lies disaster for me and my beloved Clapotis. I know how this stuff works…let him form a sleeping attachment to it, and before you know it, it’ll be his blankie. My most expensive yarn I’d ever bought (at least at that time), took forever to knit Clapotis – morphed into a security blanket. It is to weep…so being the kind and benevolent mommy I am, I set him straight post haste. No, I didn’t rip it out of his sleepy little fingers…I wanted to, but I didn’t. I told him flat out that this night was the one and only time he’d be bringing my Clapotis to bed. Not tomorrow, not the night after, not ever again. “Just tonight?”, he says with big eyes. And I looked right back into those eyes … and told him, “Yes, just tonight”. You have to draw the line somewhere on this selfless sacrificing parent stuff, and I’m drawing it here. My Clapotis. Mine. Mine. Mine.

the Rock Star took him to Edinbourough Park this weekend and they had a ton of fun. Here’s a couple pics.



Knitting update:

  • Dickinson Pullover: I’m nearly done with the first sleeve.
  • Forest Plains socks: Done with one. The other one is yet to be started. I had to frog a sock I’d started with it a couple years ago and the yarn was completely kinked. So I skeined it and soaked it and hung it to dry. It’s dry and waiting to be made into a ball and the second sock started.
  • IMG_7223

  • Jungle Juggle: This is what I’m calling the sock I started while waiting for the other yarn to dry. It’s Claudia’s Handpainted Fingering Weight yarn that I bought at Yarnology in Arroyo Grande, CA. Standard CTH toe, and the pattern is just k2, p2 for six rows, then p2, k2 for six rows. Rinse and repeat. This picture is a few days old, cuz I’m up about to start the heel. I love, love, love how this yarn feels and they will be super sweet on my feet. My only prob is that it’s not superwash wool so I add another pair of handwash only to my collections.
  • IMG_7219

    So We’re Driving Along…

    …and the Boy says, “Mom?”

    and I say, “What, Honey?”

    and he says, “Have you ever seen a man poop on a fire?”

    pause. pause. pause.

    and I say, “No, Honey. Have you?”

    Thankfully, he said, “No.” or we’d be looking for a new daycare. :D

    Here’s a picture of the Rock Star teaching the Boy how to use the Paint program on an old laptop we set up for him:

    I’m sure I can be forgiven for thinking my boys are the cutest in the world. :)

    And Now For Something Completely Different

    Completely different from my usual bitching and moaning about one thing or another. Ha fooled you!! I’m about to bitch and moan. It’s not as bad as some of the other stuff has been, just a little icing on the shit cake, so to speak, and I promise I’ll follow up with some Boy cuteness and funny stories. So here we go:

    Losing the use of half of my right hand turns out to be quite the inconvenience. and I don’t just mean loss of knitting time. I mean things like I have a hard time pulling up my pants and buttoning them, let alone wrassling my kid into his clothes. Seriously, you want funny? Come on over and watch me try to put socks on a struggling three year old. Not an easy task on the best of days, but lately it’s nearly reduced both of us to tears. Of frustration and pain for me, just plain frustration for him. And that’s the easy stuff. Close your eyes, I’m about to commit sins of TMI…It turns out you can’t just switch to your non-dominant hand for such delicate personal tasks as wiping your butt, and expect all to go well. Settle down…I’m not going into details. And just to top it all off, I’ve developed an allergic rash to the anti-biotic I’m taking. I’m red and bumpy around my collarbone and the waist band of my pants. I itch all over and I mean ALL over. Or all under, if you will. My girl parts are maddeningly itchy all the time. It’s not a yeast infection, I thought of that, it’s the rash. The rash is in my girl parts and I’m going further insane from the itching. Not the scratching…cuz I try to do very little of that, what with my lady like nature and all. No, the itching. It seems to be unrelievable by any sort of ointment. I finally called the doctor today, and they said to stop taking the anti-biotic and to try taking over the counter Claritin for the itching. It’s like Benedryl, but non-drowsy. I just took one, so hopefully by the time you read this the itching will be nothing but a bad memory. The Docs say the itching may last several more days. Please cross your fingers that the Claritin works, or my husband might make me go live in the garage. And no one would blame him.

    We took the Boy to a Fire Department Open House this weekend and it was lots of fun. We got to ride in a fire truck, go up in the lift bucket, spray the fire hose, eat free hot dogs, and get a goodie bag filled with fire department swag. He received a kid sized fireman’s hat, a t-shirt, a frisbee, along with many stickers and magnets. It was a very fun day for him and us. Here are pics of him in his t-shirt and hat. He wore the t-shirt to bed, and we had to peel it off him the next evening for washing, but as of this morning it’s back on him.

    On Sunday we were able to attend a baby shower and stop off at a pumpkin place. the Boy wanted a pumpkin and this place had those and much more. Here are a bunch of pics from there. We had lots and lots of fun!

    Thats a pit of dried corn he’s jumping into. It was about 10 inches deep and very fun to roll around and play in.

    All in all a very nice weekend. Except for the itching. :)

    Can you even believe the week I’m having?

    As if losing my dog wasn’t bad enuf, today I was bitten very badly by a couple of client dogs today. Two small terriers were fighting and when I tried to break it up, they both bit me. My left hand wasn’t punctured but the compression wound to my palm is going to bruise badly and hurts like hell. My right hand is a mess. There are six punctures on my thumb and index finger. Those fingers are swollen up like snausages. And on top of all that I had to get a tetanus shot, so my arm is going to ache for three days. I spent the afternoon at the doctors office, getting it all cleaned up and bandaged. Xrays were taken to make sure there weren’t any chips on my bones. I have to take an antibiotic for 7 days.

    I was so upset and couldn’t stop crying after it happened, my husband came to get me. I couldn’t have driven even without the hysterics. I have a call in to the dog’s owner to talk about what happened, and I’ll check to make sure their shots are all up to date, but I’m pretty sure they are.

    I have no idea how long it will be before I can knit again. Just this morning I was thinking, I never have anything to blog about besides feeling sad…What was I thinking!?! Here’s a couple pics of my poor lobster claw hands. See how I’ll never be able to knit like this? :(




    She’s all gone. I had my little dog Rupert euthanized today. She went peacefully. I’m so sad and I’m crying so much my head hurts.

    No words…

    Knitting update



    Fetzensocks, started August 28th, 2007, finished October 9th, 2007
    Pattern: Fetzensocks from the Sockamaniac Yahoo Group. I converted it to toe up and did my usual CTH toes and heels.
    Yarn: Lisa Souza Pumpkin
    Pattern Notes: The pattern itself was fine, but my ability to keep track of where I was, was horrible and I had to unknit rows several times. I just never got into a rhythm.

    I’ve officially put the LFFCS/BOBA in hibernation. Since the broken cable incident, I haven’t had the heart to pick it up again.

    Dickenson Pullover:

    Finished the back:

    Started the front:
    You can see from this picture how far I’ve gotten on the front. Only about 3 more inches til the armhole/v-neck decreases.

    New technique:
    Taught myself how to cable without a cable needle. Wendy’s excellent instructions and pictures are here. I highly recommend this technique. So much faster and less fiddly.

    Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport Forest. Nothing fancy here, just a plain stockinette sock with my usual CTH toes and heels.

    Socks done before I started blogging again:

    Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Gold Hill. Feather and Fan pattern from Wendy (link opens a pdf file). These have been sitting in my “need to change something pile” for a long time. The first sock I knit a plain stockinette rolled edge for the cuff and the second sock I did picot on the cuff. I like the picot better and kept meaning to go back, tear out the cuff on the first sock and redo in picot. Today I finally decided, I’m never going to get around to so fuck it. That’s why you can’t see the whole sock in pic. I covered the cuffs with my pants. Short row heels. Too snug, but wearable. I need gussets. Can’t remember how I did my toes, but I do know I knit these toe up. The feather and fan cuff is really pretty and I love it.

    I bought the yarn on eBay. I love it. It’s soft and pink! A fun pink. A cheer me up pink. I’m wearing them right now and the happy pinkness of them is helping me survive this day. Toe up, short row heels. Don’t fit great, but are wearable and comfy. I’m not sure if they are superwash wool or not…I guess I’ll find out the first time I accidentally mix them in with the regular laundry.

    New Yarn:


    Knitpicks Panache, 12 skanks each of Coal (the Black) and Dusk (the Blue). Panache is being discontinued, so I snagged a bunch.

    I’m a bit off…

    Holy lack of posting, batman…yeah, well this ain’t one of those, “sorry, guys, I haven’t been posting posts.” Well, kinda it is. It’s really just my excuse. Here’s my excuse. Fucking depression. If I ever manage to feel good a few days in a row, you can bet your ass something will happen to bring me down again. And what with the way my depression (bi-polar-ish) works, I stay down a few days. I’m not that good at processing emotions, so says my therapist. It’s true.

    So anyhow, the Rupert thing has had me up and down and back up a bit, then way down again, for more than a week now. She was doing really good for a few days there, but now she’s not doing good again. For the last 2-3 days she hasn’t been able to get up on her own, and even when I help her…she can’t seem to stay up. And it freaks her out. The other night, I found her whimpering in a corner, soaking wet with pee, and the entire foyer floor was covered in it. I think she may have tried to stand up, couldn’t, got freaked out, peed on herself, then drug herself around on the floor. By the time I got to her, she was just a mess. The remedy was not comforting to her either. My husband helped me get her in the tub and I got her washed off, but she hates being picked up, restrained, bathed…all of the above and we were doing it to her. By the time I got her out and dried off, she was shaking and upset, and so was I. She seemed a little better the next morning, but not much. She has good moments, but they’re getting fewer and farther between.

    I’ve got a message in to our vet. I plan to tell him how she’s been since last week when we saw him and she got the new pain pills, how she was better, and is now bad again…and ask him what other things there may be to try for her. I have the feeling, based on our last visit, that there’s not much else to give her. It’s kind of a matter of how much longer I can stand to see her like this. If he says there’s nothing else medically we can try, I’ll make an appointment to have her euthanized on Friday morning. We’re going camping that day, so I can just try to relax and deal with my feelings all weekend…then come home to an empty house on Sunday. *sigh*

    I’m in the process of adjusting my medication and that has the potential to help, but it’s also difficult for me to transition through. Lowering the dose of one of my meds always gives me terrible dizzy spells and my mind feels out of control. And raising the other one which tends to agitate me. *shaking head* fucking depression. I hate this. I’m a week into it, and its getting better, but it’s been a bad week.

    So yeah, not a great week.

    Rainy Day

    It has been a really rough week, but things are looking a little better. My little dog Rupert is getting old, and her back legs just don’t work that well. The right one doesn’t work at all. With the left one weakening, she’s been having a harder and harder time getting around. I just felt like the deterioration was more pronounced last week so Friday I went to have her checked out. As expected, the vet gave me no hope for her legs to ever get better. In fact, when I said I’d begun to prepare myself for the end, he said that was probably a good idea. oooof, *stomach kick*.

    Friday night she was so bad off, I was absolutely sure I’d be taking her in to be euthanized on Saturday…but by Saturday morning she was doing better. She’s on a new pain medication, and it seems to be helping her a lot. She still can’t use the right back leg, but the left is doing it’s job better. It’s Sunday now, and she is as good as she was 2 weeks ago, which isn’t great, but better than she was last week…so, it’s not time to give her up yet. I know it’s coming soon, but I have some time left with her.

    Today we worked on our 2006 taxes. Yup, we’re that far behind…but I took a chunk out of what needed to be done.

    Later in the day, I drove the Boy with me to drop off a doggie and to pick up some cat litter and dog treats. He fell asleep in the car so I got about an hour of knitting in. Check this out:

    See the rain on the windshield? It was just pouring down. The rain sound was quite nice. I’d have preferred a big easy chair and a steaming mug of coffee…but it was still very nice.

    Knitting. Hmmmm…look how much difference one needle size is making:


    The one on the bottom is the one I’m knitting now. On top is the one that my gauge was off on. I’m actually feeling pretty glad I started over! I think this is going to be much nicer.

    Same concept, different angle:


    Notice the helping hands. That photo is the last one of my handy little tape measure before it was heinously tortured to death by those “adorable” little hands. This supposedly sweet little boy did wantonly and viciously stretch that innocent tape measure so far out of its container that it broke, and now won’t go back in. *sad* It’s a horrible thing when toddlers go bad.

    Craft is Pain

    Well, I’ve started over.


    I’m sure I’m breaking some cardinal rule of knitting, but frogging the 17 inches and rewinding the yarn made me feel pukey, so I’m just knitting right off the dead part. I cast on directly from the part I’m ripping out and just frog as I knit. It sits in my lap and my knitting bag so nicely.

    Do-overs are a bitch.

    Our neighbor gave the Boy a pumpkin. Do you think he likes it much?



    Rookie Mistake

    We got trouble, right here in knittin’ city, my friends. Trouble with a capital G, and that stands for gauge!

    I think I may have to start all over on my Dickenson Pullover. I did knit the gauge swatch, but figured it was ok when it came out a quarter to a half inch to short. I was anxious to start knitting, so I told myself the sweater would be a bit snugger than on the model, and that’d be ok. Well, snugger IS ok, but it’s turning out to be quite form-fitting. My unblocked, unstretched work so far measures about 16 in. across. Extrapolating from that, the whole sweater will be only about 32 inches around. My bust is 38 inches and my waist is 34. Unless, I stretch/block it out wide every time I wash it…it’ll be quite snug. Snug can be good, but clearly this sweater is designed to be loose fitting.

    I’m so stuck. I’m sort of having a hard time facing facts that I’ll have to start over. And it hurts to have wasted an entire weekend of knitting. Especially because I should have taken my time and knit the swatch a few times with different size needles, doing it right from the start. *sigh* Moral support will be muchly appreciated.

    The second Fetzensock is coming along nicely. I’m past the heel and working on the cuff, so it won’t be long til these socks are ready for the fork! Next socks? Dunno. I have some Wollmeise (Lowenzahn) coming from The Loopy Ewe. I’m desperate to knit Bellatrix…but I’m holding out for Wollmeise Poison #5. It’s hard to get a hold of, but I have patience…wait a minute…no I don’t!!

    Did I ever show you my Clapotis? I finished it more than a year ago when I wasn’t blogging so it never made it up here til now.


    Brooks Farm Fourplay in Varsity. It’s yummy!!!

    Campfire Knitting

    We had a really great time on our camping trip. The drive there was easy and I got lots of knitting done. The campsites at Sibley State Park smallish, but we found a nice one and set up. We were putting up our tent around 6:00 pm. As we were unpacking the dry box we started making a list of all the things we forgot. We always forget lots of things. Every camping trip we drive to the campground on Friday night, set up, spend half of Saturday in the nearest town buying all the stuff we forgot, then pack up on Sunday morning and drive home leisurely. We resolved this time, that we’d just make do. No trips to town. mm-hmmm, right. That plan lasted til we figured out we’d left some crucial prescription drugs at home. *sigh*

    After the roaring campfire turned to coals, we put a couple racks of ribs on. mmmmm, I just love ribs for dinner when we’re camping. We let the Boy set his own bedtime on camping trips. Whenever he’s sleepy enough, he just lets us know and we help him get snuggled into his sleeping bag. This time the Rock Star had purchased a new pad for my sleeping bag. It’s about twice as thick as the thermarest I’ve been using. It was super comfy but Ididn’t sleep all that well, cuz the meds I left behind were my sleeping pills. The next night I slept like a rock, though.

    Boy Pics:


    I knit every possible moment. I absolutely love knitting by firelight. I have a very nice headlamp called a Petzl. It works great!! I always bring a supply of charged up rechargeable batteries and between that and the firelight, and even a bit of help from the nearly full moon, I can see just fine for knitting.

    I worked on the Dickenson Pullover the entire weekend. I got about 12 inches of the back done. It’s turning out great!! But. There’s always a but. My gauge is way off, so the sweater is knitting up small. I’m actually ok with that. It’s big and baggy on the model, and I think I’ll like it closer to form fitting. This is my first serious cable project. At first I had a hard time figuring out how to keep track of all the different pattern repeats, but once I figured it out it was easy. The work is immensely satisfying!

    Here’s what I have so far:


    That color isn’t really accurate, but it was the nicest picture. Here’s one of the main cable section:


    Here’s me eating breakfast, notice the knitting bag within reach:


    New Project!

    I’ve cast on for the Dickenson Pullover in Interweave Knits Fall 2007. My first sweater for me. I think I have the gauge thing figured out. I cast on 5 selvedge stitches, then 62 for the cable pattern, and 5 more selvedge stitches, then knit for 15 rows. Put the swatch on the broken 60 in cable and soaked it. (didn’t want to use one of my good cables). I laid it out to dry and the next morning measured the 62 stitches in the middle, hoping for 10 inches. It came pretty close, so I’m casting on for the 40 in finished measurement and it’ll be a bit smaller than that, and that’s ok. I’d like it to fit a little closer on me than it does on the model. Here’s a picture of an evening’s work. The beginning of the back piece:

    Dickenson start

    I’ve gotten to the gusset increases in the second Fetzensock. I love this sock, but I don’t seem to be able to get in any sort of groove with the pattern. Seems like bout every 5 rounds I make a mistake and have to tink back.

    We’re going camping this weekend. 2.5 hour drive to Sibley State Park and I’m hoping to get lots of knitting done.

    the Boy is loving his big boy bed, but hasn’t exactly settled into the idea of SLEEPING in it. It’s more like a giant toy at this point, and the bedtime routine has been very much disrupted. I know if we stick to it, he’ll get used to it and go to sleep sooner than the 2 hours he’s been averaging all week.

    We taught him how to say “You feel lucky, Punk?”. The effect is a bit diffused by the huge grin on his face! Music Class starts again tomorrow morning! He’s excited about that, plus the camping trip, plus breakfast with Curious George we have scheduled next weekend.

    I’m volunteering in Al Franken for Senate office these days. I went last Thursday and helped fold a stuff a mailer. I go back again today (going to try for every Thursday)

    One Fetzensock Down!


    That’s one done. and the second one is started. I got the toe and one whole pattern repeat done last night. I haven’t been enjoying this pattern as much as I thought I would. Not the pattern’s fault, though. It just doesn’t lend itself to to one or two rows at a time, and that’s really what happened with this sock until after the heel was turned. I kept losing my place in the pattern and was too stupid or lazy to get a sticky to mark my place on the chart when I was done for a session. Then when I’d come back, I’d try to figure out where I was, knit a round, realize I wasn’t where I thought I was, and have to tink back and do over. So, not the pattern’s fault.

    My heart has really not been into the LFFCS/BOBA since the cable broke, I’ve yet to go back and repair that spot and continue on. I think if I could just bring myself to repair that spot, it would be a good time to just let it rest. My knitting desires have turned to warm sweaters and socks and hats. Fall is in the air!

    I’ve been trying to do a gauge swatch for the Dickenson Pullover from Interweave Knits Fall 2007. I have that nice pile of Cascade 220 Heathers Blue for it. I’m completely confused as to what to do for the swatch and am plucking up my courage to post a question on Ravelry about it. Here’s what the pattern says about gauge.

    21 stitches and 27 rows = 4 inches in 8-stitch textured pattern from chart on larger needles, after blocking & 62 stitches of 42-stitch center cable combined with 10-stitch rope cable on each side from chart measures 10″ wide on larger needles, after blocking

    If anyone is reading this, and help me understand how many to cast on, what to knit, and how to measure it (count stitches per inch), I’d be very, very grateful.

    Big Boy Bed

    the Boy’s third birthday was this past week and much fun was had. We held a big open house last Sunday and his daycare had a little birthday party for him. He got lots of prezzies and had a great time! His big gift from us is the big boy bed. He really likes it. Can you tell?


    mmmmmm, Squeeeeee

    Recipe for Squeeeee

    1 tiny baby
    2 tiny knitted booties

    Fold baby into booties. Don’t shake or stir. Preheat your camera flash. Take pictures until the other coffee shop patrons start shooting you dirty looks. Serve warm. Makes 1 serving, 0 carbs, 0 calories.

    This is a high smile, high squeee treat. Very rich, but you can never get enough.

    Madeline/Chucks 5

    Madeline/Chucks 11

    Don’t Anybody Move!

    These are very close up pics of the LFFCS/BOBA lace. Pretty, eh?

    Last night I promised myself I’d get at least 4 rounds (640 st each *ugh*) done on my LFFCS/BOBA. I was doin’ it, too….knitting like the wind. Then disaster struck.

    **WARNING** This next part is not for the faint of heart.

    The skirt is on my 60 inch Knitpicks options cord and the cord came unglued from the join. It happened as I was moving the work along, you know how it gets all bunched up? I’ve done this hundreds of times before, but this time the cord just pulled out…around 40 stitches were dropped off and I just about had a heart attack. This yarn is cotton/rayon and super slippery. And it’s all lace…yarn overs and PSSOs. If I so much as moved a muscle, the stitches would start to unravel and I would never be able to get it all back. I gasped out loud and said, “OK, don’t anybody move.” Mostly to myself, but my dear husband stopped in his tracks and turned around to see. The first thing he said was, “What do you need me to do?” I was frozen and I barely dared move my lips. I’m not exaggerating about how slippery this yarn is… I was envisioning weeks of knitting going to hell.

    I had a pair of 16 inch circs laying on my desk and asked him to bring them. He held part of the work and a needle still, while I tried to find and pick up the dropped stitches. I’m pretty sure I didn’t breathe for at least 10 minutes. I managed to get it all secured, then I set it down and started to breathe again.

    It took me about an hour to move the entire project onto another 60 in. cord, find all the dropped yarn overs and replace the stitch markers. I’m pretty sure I got it all, but it’s definitely going to look wonky there. My only consolation is that this is a flowy drapey skirt and I’m sure it won’t be massively obvious to the casual viewer. I prolly won’t be showing it off to any knitters, though!

    Damn, I got all tense again, just writing about it.

    I called Knitpicks today. A nice lady named Millie, actually gasped out loud when I told her what happened. She was very sorry. I never had any doubts that they’d replace the cord, and of course, that’s what she said she’d do right away. Knitpicks is known for their outstanding customer service. The cord was only $3.99, so it’s not about the money. It’s about the trust. How can I trust that it won’t happen again? The trust and comfort is gone…I s’pose with time my complacency will return. I only hope that another disaster like that doesn’t happen again.

    Next yarn? Something super wooly, that will stick together no matter what. Something that felts from the sweat on my fingers…yeah, that’s the ticket!

    Tonight I’m turning the heel on my Fetzensock. Nice and safe.

    oh, and…

    As of 1:13 am this morning my baby is THREE YEARS OLD!!! We had a big ole birthday open house yesterday (Sunday), today Gramma is watching him here at home so he can play with all his new toys, tomorrow at daycare they’ll have a little cupcake party for him and this coming Sunday will be the party I invite all the children he knows over for a couple hours. Kind of a big birthday week! Here’s the look he’s sporting today: