A Fine Start to my Harry Potter Sweater

Last night I knit up a little swatch and blocked it. This morning I checked it and was happy to find that I got exactly 6 st per inch with my #5 Addi’s.

So I cast on:
cast on.
After one false start I dug into the project and got this much done by Midnight:
progress .

Cast-On is perfect listening while knitting! :)

January 13th, 2006 5:42 pm

Am I the first person to comment?!! WEEEEEE!!

Okay.. I’m digging reading about knitting, but like… we need pic’s and stories about the kid too! Capiche?

Did I spell Capiche the way you’re supposed to spell capiche?

Capishe? Capeesh?! Capeshe? Pfft.. we’ll go with Capiche! :P

January 15th, 2006 12:06 am

What a good knitter you are for swatching AND blocking the swatch! I like the color. (Suz, I’m pretty sure it’s “capisce”, capisce?)

January 15th, 2006 3:49 am

Great start on the sweater and I love listening to Cast-on too, I only discovered it a week or so ago. Where have I been? Living under a rock apparently.

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