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Sick Day

The Boy is sick today. I canceled my walkies so I could stay home with him. He needs his Boppy close right now. Poor little red eyed puffy faced boy.

Here’s what I’ve gotten done so far:

Wound two balls of the Weasley Sweater yarn on my noste, tested out the duplicate stitch on my swatch and cast on for the front of the sweater. I think the duplicate stitch looks ok for the letter on the sweater. I’ve been dreading the two color knitting and all those ends to weave in. I have 7 inches to knit before I have to decide for sure. I’ll see what the Rock Star thinks and maybe practice the dupe stitch a bit more. It looks pretty good though. Feel free to leave an opinion.

Got Knitting?

I finished the back on the Weasley Sweater I’m knitting the Boy. Time to cast on for the front.

But first a break to work on the pink socks. I’m almost to the gusset increases. I really love this two socks on two circs thing!! I’m searching the internet for a pattern with a turned heel (not the short row), that’s written for toe up, two socks on two circs. No luck so far. I may have to resort to removing one from needles while I do the heel, then putting it back on. I’m hoping to avoid that. Everything else about this sock is turning beautifully!!

I ordered some Lorna’s Laces yarn from Ebay. Two skeins each of Shepherd Sport and Shepherd Sock. I’ve been hovering over the mailbox ever since. I won’t be able to start them yet, but that won’t stop me from fondling them. Yarn pervert, that’s me.

I got the Aran Knitting book from the library. It’s loverly. I wrote to Interweave Press to ask if they ever planned on reprinting it, and they promptly replied to say that Alice Starmore owns all the rights, and there was some small possiblility she was considering a revision. That would be pretty cool. It’s a shame that this beautiful work is out of the financial reach of many of us. I’d pay the author $35 – $50, but not $230 on Ebay.

I had my heart set on St Brigid, but the Rock Star said he doesn’t like it. He likes all the detail, but the fit of the sweater looks like a flour sack, he said. I’m bummed. If he doesn’t like it, it takes some of the fun out of it for me. I’m well aware that I can knit and wear any damn thing I like, but I like to have him like what I’m wearing. If I’m gonna put that much money, work and time into a garment, I really want him to like it, too. I like St Ciaran a lot. I can imagine myself cozied up on the couch wrapped in that. And the cables and celtic design is just as gorgeous as St Brigid.

Harry Potter Sweater Progress

Just 3 more inches til I start shaping for the arms. I knit every where, and every when. I knit in line at Ikea. I knit while the baby is napping in the car. If I could figure out how to walk the dogs and knit, I’d do it. I love the tweediness of this yarn. It’s a tiny bit scratchy, but I love the look. I wonder if it softens in the wash at all?

A Fine Start to my Harry Potter Sweater

Last night I knit up a little swatch and blocked it. This morning I checked it and was happy to find that I got exactly 6 st per inch with my #5 Addi’s.

So I cast on:
cast on.
After one false start I dug into the project and got this much done by Midnight:
progress .

Cast-On is perfect listening while knitting! :)

I Lurve Me Some Packages!!

This yarn says, “When I grow up I want to be a HP Sweater for the Boy.” and I’m just the knitter to help it. With the demise of my pink sock (see other knitting entry), it was a real cheerer upper to get this package from YarnMarket so quickly!!! Hopefully I can knit up a swatch or two tonight.

Weasley Sweater

I’m very excited to join Another Weasley Along. I’m starting with a Weasley Sweater for the Boy. It’ll be my first sweater ever, and seems like the perfect place to start. If it goes well, Ihope to make one for myself. If that goes well, I can make one for the Rock Star, too. I decided not to buy yarn for all three at once, cuz that amounted to $247.00 and that’s a big investment. I’ll just see how they go. I’m very excited. The yarn is on its way!!!

Other HP projects I’m excited about are the Hermione Hat and Mittens. I’ll be ordering the pattern for these very soon. I’ll prolly do them in Ravenclaw colors, though. Unfortunately the Gryffindor house colors are very close to those of the University of Minnesota and everyone around here mistakes me for a rabid Gophers fan, when in fact, I’m a rabid Harry Potter fan. Silly, but it bugs me. Plus it’s an excuse to make another scarf. I loved that project and it’s perfect for mindless knitting times.

Since I don’t have any progress pics for my first Weasley, I’ll just post the pics from when I knitted my Gryffindor colored Scarf and Wizard Winter hat. My first knitting projects ever. I wear them every day and love them to bits!!
Finished HP Scarf. First progress pic of the hat.
Second progress picture of the hat. Third progress pic of the hat Nothing left but the tassel. Sorry no pics of that. :)